Blue Heron Art Gallery in Wyalusing, PA

For a number of years this was the website for the Blue Heron located in Wyalusing, PA. The Blue Heron Art Gallery was formed under the auspices of the Wyalusing Community Corporation during the summer of 2003. However, the first unofficial art show was the work of Marvin Baker and Bill Deats during the fall of 2002.
In 2014 the Blue Heron Gallery lost its funding. The domain's registration expired.  However the new owner has chosen to use content is from the site's archived pages and one other outside source announcing the gallery's potential closing to give a brief glimpse of what the Blue Heron Gallery once was. Take a nostalgic look back.




Running through Nov. 16, In the Garden may be the last show we see at the Blue Heron Gallery in Wyalusing for some time. Due a few unfortunate turns of events, the gallery has lost its funding for 2014 — other than a $500 reward from the United Way — and is unsure how it will continue to operate, artist director Karen Black ( told electric city last week. Black works as a volunteer for the gallery. Artist Brian Keeler who many came to associate with the Blue Heron for his work as a curator for the gallery, planning and coordinating programs and exhibitions, was also a volunteer.
The Wyalusing Community Corporation owns the building where the Blue Heron is housed and rents out the “gallery” where artists’ work has hung for years as a community room. Until this summer, Black said, the gallery had also been paying rent. The Greater Wyalusing Chamber of Commerce ( also utilizes the building but has been unable to assist the gallery with fund raising. Black, who came on board in August 2012, said she intends to start writing grants but is uncertain how long it will take to see results and fears she and the other eight member artists will not be able to operate the Blue Heron without formal support.


Blue Heron loosing funding for 2014 

 All art programs suspended

Karen Black
Gallery Director
Blue Heron Art Gallery*
Wyalusing, Pa 18853
*Partially Funded by the United Way



121 Main Street
Wyalusing, PA 18853

(570) 746-4922
(570) 746-1187
[email protected]

A Brief History of the Blue Heron Gallery

Located in the picturesque heart of the Endless Mountains along the Susquehanna River, the gallery came into being partly as a result of the encouragement of Brooks Martin, Director of the Bradford County Regional Arts Council. After a touring exhibit of rostered PAC artists several years ago, it was noted that there was no venue in Bradford County for such an exhibit. When the Greater Wyalusing Chamber of Commerce planned their move to their current location, it was suggested that space be made available for an art gallery.

The Blue Heron Art Gallery was formed under the auspices of the Wyalusing Community Corporation during the summer of 2003. However, the first unofficial art show was the work of Marvin Baker and Bill Deats during the fall of 2002.

The Gallery's mission is to provide a venue for the exhibition of local, regional and international artwork irrespective of style or genre. We present several shows, poetry readings, lectures and/or demonstrations each year to local and regional audiences.

An update: I would always make a point of dropping in to the Blue Heron Art Gallery whenever I was visiting my relatives. The variety of artists and their work was always impressive. On one visit I dragged my younger brother along to an opening night. He was more interested in a local restaurant than the gallery until he saw the sculpture exhibit made from janitorial supplies and cleaning products. He was especially impressed with the large black form made from trash bags and paper towels. The artist was there and my brother got into a long conversation about his work as he explained how what was on display was only a fraction of the sculptures he had worked on and how he stumbled onto the raw materials due to a large misplaced shipment of wholesale custodial supplies landed in his lap by accident. I could tell my brother was inspired by this visit and will always remember the gallery for turning him onto art as something accessible and fun. He even volunteered to accompany me on another visit to the Blue Heron Art Gallery where I bought a lovely painting that graced my studio apartment walls for several years. I now have the painting in my bedroom of a new larger apartment. I was sad to learn that the gallery closed, but the several paintings I bought there will bring me pleasure for many years.

Funded in part by Pennsylvania Partners in
the Arts and United Way of Bradford Count


Some Early Shows

October 2002: Recent Works by William Deats and Marvin Baker
The first show at the Blue Heron (before it was officially named). This show coincided with the North Branch Arts Festival and featured William Deats of Ithaca, NY with his recent oil painting of Italy. Bill’s work was shown in the Greek Revival section of the Building. Marvin Baker of Hollenback, PA showed his collages, watercolors and pastels in the room that is now the gallery and GWCC office.

October 2003: American Paintings and Acrylics by Louis Pontone
Opening Reception Friday October 10, 2003. Louis Pontone, of Cranston, RI, a former resident of the Wyalusing area and Scranton presents a group of acrylic landscape paintings in the first show in the gallery under its new name. Louis was a faculty member at Keystone College in La Plume, PA and one of the founders of the AFA Gallery in Scranton, PA. This exhibit of Pontone’s work was the inaugural show under the gallery’s new name and the first to be presented after the WCC’s phase one renovations of the former McCarty Garage.

November 2003: Group Show
Opening Reception Friday Dec 6, 2003. The first group show of artists affiliated with the gallery includes Barbara Sowinski, Fred Strugatz, Ed Strosser, Trudy Gerlach, George Schelling, Brian Keeler, Mary Lou Chibirka and Marvin Baker.

March 2004: Julian A. Campbell (1899-1973) Photographs
Opening reception March 12, 2004. Campbell photographed small communities along the Susquehanna in Southern New York and Northern Pennsylvania during the beginning of the 20th century. His son donated a large quantity of glass negatives to the Bradford County Historical Society. His photos are on loan from the Bradford County Historical Society, in Towanda PA and offer a rare look at our area’s past..

July 2004: William Keeler, Paintings and Book signing
of the new book, "The Art Work of William Keeler, Pennsylvania Regionalist Painter" by Brian Keeler. This exhibit is a partial show of the retrospective recently completed at the Everhart Museum in Scranton, PA. These watercolor and tempera paintings of William Keeler, 1923 - 1980, depict the landscapes of northeastern Pennsylvania and were graciously loaned by patrons and family of the artist.

September 2004: Judith Youshock and Paul Bracey
Judy Youshock of Elmhurst, PA exhibited her collages and Paul Bracy of Scranton, his photos in this show which coincided with the North Branch Arts Festival.

November 2004: Holiday Show
Opening reception November 19, 2004. Artists represented in this exhibit included Trudy Gerlach, Barbara Sowinski, Fred Strugatz, Brian Keeler, Ed Strosser, Mary Lou Chibirka, Marvin Baker and George Schelling.

October 2005: Four Artists of the Northeast
The Blue Heron gallery presented a special show of three painters and one clay artist during the North Branch Festival weekend and throughout the fall season. Gerogianna Cray Bart’s pastel still lifes, Bill Teitsworth’s acrylic, charcoal and pastel figurative work and landscapes, his wife Renee Emanual’s watercolor still lifes and landscapes and Laura Orvieto’s clay pots and figures, all presented in the front gallery.

November 2005: Holiday Show
This show featured the work of Jordan Taylor, Jeff Overman, Sarah Sidorek, June Smith-Williams, Jason Strickland, Eileen Balboa, and Karen Black.




The Blue Heron Gallery Presents-
“The Art of Dance and The Music of Art”

August 15 to December 15, 2011

Opeing Friday, August 19, 5-11

-Call For Entries-

The Blue Heron Gallery in Wyalusing, PA is presenting a show of art this summer and fall exploring all things related to dance and music.  As with many other Blue Heron shows, this exhibit will incorporate poetry with the exhibit and both the images and the written expressions will be included in a beautiful full color catalog.

We are planning one of our special openings on Friday, August 19 that includes the poetry reading, dance performances, instruction and live music for social dancing with the Brian Murphy jazz combo.

For visual artists, please submit up to five entries before July 10.  Please send them in j-peg e-mail form along with the titles, medium and price to me at [email protected].  The images must be related to the theme in some significant way.  There is however no restriction on date of execution, which is to say that older works are perfectly fine to submit.  There is also no restriction on size.  You must however, have all the work that is accepted clearly labled on the back, with your name, title, medium and price.  The work must be wired and ready to  hang. The entry fee of $35 paybable to the Blue Heron Dance/Music Show must be mailed to the gallery at the time of e-mail entry  (July 10.).

For poets, please submit up to five poems  before July 10 that express or represent dance and or music.  The entry fee for poets is $20 and the submissions should also be sent to [email protected].  The entry fee should also be made payable to the Blue Heron Dance/Music show and mailed before July 10.

Delivery date for accepted artwork will be on or before Monday, August 8.

If you have questions, please e-mail me or call 570-746-1187.

Looking Forward to your participation-
Brian Keeler




"Seeking the Muse - A Decade of Inspirations"
August 24, 2012 to January 24, 2013

Greetings All-
Yes the Blue Heron Gallery will be celebrating its 10th
anniversary this summer and we are hoping that all of you who have
participated in any of the past exhibits at the gallery will be a part of
this show. The exhibit does not have a specific theme other than honoring
the muse, in whatever form that may have taken for you during the past

This will be a special event for the gallery and the artists and it will
also be my last exhibit to curate. There will be special opening on Friday,
August 24th from 5 to 11 with music, dancing and poets reading as well.

As we are expecting many of the artists to show in this exhibit
we are asking for only three works. The entry fee (reduced to $15) for this
show will be due with three j-pegs of your submissions by July 15. Send the
j-pegs to me at the address below. Make a check out to - ³Blue Heron Muse
Show² and mail it to the gallery. The works chosen for the show will be due
by or before Monday, August 20th by noon, when I will hang the show. Please
have all the work nicely framed, wired and most importantly labled with the
title, media and price on the back.

POETS- you too are invited to participate by reading at the
opening any three poems of your choice or a work that addresses the muse
in your writing. Please let us know if you plan to read.

We will not be doing a catalog for this show but the exhibit
will none-the-less be a very special milestone for all who have

Incidentally you may see the gallery history with many of the
shows as recorded on our website and there are full color catalogs for most
of the shows that include the poetry and images.

This time of year is also the annual fund-raising for the
gallery, so we invite any new artists, art appreciators, or especially
regional businesses to contribute to this worthy community entity and ensure
its continuance.

If you have any specific questions please contact me at [email protected] or

Regards- Brian Keeler





"In the Garden" - Juried Show

 August 30th - November 16th, 2013

Welcome ! 

The show is open to all mediums and all styles. From images of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Paradise to Neptune's underwater garden to floral landscapes - let your creativity soar. Fee is $20 for up to 3 works; includes artist's admission to reception. Email jpeg images to [email protected] for acceptance. Once accepted please send entry form and check.

Send checks to : Blue Heron Art Gallery Po Box 813 Wyalusing, Pa 18853. Entry Form can be downloaded as a pdf; link above. If you have trouble downloading the pdf please call the gallery and one will be mailed to you. 

If you would like your work considered for the show cards please submit a HI-RES JPEG image to [email protected] later July 20th .Image file size should be no larger than 2mb.

Reception will be on September 6th - Entertainment to be announced. 

If you have any questions, please contact me at 570-412-2804 or email me at [email protected]


Karen Black
Gallery Director
Blue Heron Art Gallery*
Wyalusing, Pa 18853

*Funded by the United Way




Children's Coloring & Activity Books

Karen Black's delightful
forty-page coloring and
activity book of local
scenes and animals from
northeastern Pennsylvania.

Children can learn while having fun about the Endless Mountain region in a series of children's activity books illustrated and designed by local artist Karen Black. The first features regional images and local fauna. The second of the series engages young curious minds to learn more about local wild flowers, even their scientific names.

Books are $5 and available at the Gallery and Chamber Office.


The Sky Above Catalog

"The Sky Above Us the Air We Breathe" This catalog documents the exhibit held at the Blue Heron Gallery and the Laura Craig Gallery during the summer and fall of 2007. The attractive catalog reproduces the work of painters and photographers in full color along with the written word of several regional poets. A very engaging publication to contemplate the thoughts of the poets and painters who were addressing the sky as an inspiration but
also with Al Gore's book and movie, "An Inconvenient Truth," as a subtext. Artists included in the show- James Gwynne, Tom Wise, Michael Thomas, Tom Gardner, Joanne Sonsire, Aleta Wynne Yarrow, Louis Pontone, Brian Keeler, Susan Dawson-Scranton, Karl Neuroth, Tom Buechner, Bill Benson, Gary Kresge, Francine Douaihy, Paul Bracey, Kellie Goodman, Karen Black, Joseph Burinsky, James Ramsdell, Fred Lawrenson, Alice Laputka, Michael Downend, Marvin Baker, Brody Burroughs and Jan Ward.

Poets include- Megan Wolfe, Karen Blomain, Lou Faber, Elaine Heveron, David Elliott, Richard Aston, Kay Lawson-Gilbert, Lawrence Bassett, Ronda Morton, Valerie Lawson, Margot Douaihy, Devorah Namm, and Barbara Tomaine.
Available for $17.

The Watercourse Catalog

The second publication of River Light Press is the catalog for the exhibit of art at the Blue Heron Gallery and the Laura Craig Gallery in Scranton titled, "Watercourse - The Beauty of our Rivers and Streams".  The exhibit at these two galleries occurred in the summer and fall of 2005.  The catalog is edited by Brian Keeler and presents the work of 23 artists from New York and Pennsylvania, all whom are representing the waterways of the Susquehanna River watershed area.  This handsome booklet is sure to make a nice gift for the art and history buff and for those interested in preserving our environment, as this is part of the mission of the exhibit and book.  The catalog includes over 40 full color reproductions of the work of these painters, photographers, sculptors, printmakers and ceramic artists. In addition to the beautiful images of the streams of this area, the book also includes the work of several regional poets, whose work here is inspired by the rivers of this area as well.  This attractive 9" x 9" book with a glossy heavy paper cover is available at the Blue Heron Gallery, Pure Pennsylvania Gallery in Towanda (570-268-5055), or at the Laura Craig Gallery for $15.

Everyday Life — Genre Art Northeast

The third publication of River Light press is the catalog documenting the exhibit of art and accompanying poetry at the Blue Heron Gallery in Wyalusing and the Laura Craig Gallery in Scranton. This show titled “ Everyday Life- Genre Art Northeast” has exhibit dates of- August 1 to November 1 at the Blue Heron and from November 18 to January 18, 2007 at the Laura Craig Gallery.

This 9” x 9” catalog printed on heavy weight paper with a glossy paper cover, includes several full color reproductions of most of the 20 artists represented in the show. In addition the catalog has the written work of prominent regional poets, whose work in this catalog also is focused on the theme of everyday life. The catalog includes an essay explaining about the history and contemporary nature of genre art by Brian Keeler, who edited this publication and was the curator of the show.

The artists represented here are; Robert Bender, William Benson, Tom Buechner, Georgianna Cray-Bart, Tom Gardner, Jason Goedeke, Hall Groat II, Dave Higgins, Vincent Hron, Brian Keeler, Kioun Kim, Karen Kucharski, Rob Lettieri, Karl Neuroth, Rolfe Ross, Marshall Rumbaugh, George Schelling, and Tom Wise. The poets are Megan Wolfe, Karen Blomain, David Elliott, K. Lawson Gilbert, Lawrence F, Bassett, Valerie Lawson, JoAnne Growney and Barbara Tomaine.

The catalog is available for $16 through the Blue Heron Gallery or the Laura Craig Gallery.

The River Light Press

Wyalusing’s first publisher of fine art, was formed in 1994 with the mission of fostering the visual arts, poetry, history and environmental awareness in the upper Susquehanna region. River Light Press was conceived as part of the Blue Heron Art Gallery and is under the aegis of the Wyalusing Community Corporation.

For Information:
River Light Press
PO Box 813
Wyalusing, PA 18853
[email protected]

The Art of William Keeler
Pennsylvania Regionalist Painter

The publication of the book about the artwork of William Keeler (1923-1980) was the first project of The River Light Press.  The Artwork of William Keeler, Pennsylvania Regionalist Painter was written by the artist’s son Brian Keeler.  The book, which served as the catalog for the retrospective of William Keeler’s paintings held at the Everhart Museum in Scranton, PA in the spring of 2004, contains dozens of full color reproductions of the elder Keeler’s paintings and an extensive text with historical facts about the paintings as well as historical information about this region of Pennsylvania.  The book contains a survey of the artists that were active in the Wyalusing area during William Keeler’s life, as well as watercolors painted during WW II in the south Pacific with excerpts from the artist’s diary at that time.

The book is available at the Blue Heron Gallery with a cover price of $40.  To order by mail send a check for $45 payable to the WCC Book Project, and mail to- Blue Heron Art Gallery, WCC Book Project, PO Box 813, Wyalusing, PA 18853.  Or call 570-746-4922 or [email protected].