5 Custom Print Products Your Organization Needs

5 Custom Print Products Your Organization Needs

When people think of advertising, they think about traditional methods of doing it through TV, radio, bill board and so forth. But did you know that promotional products, especially custom print products can be extremely effective as well?
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According to a study conducted back in 2012 by Promotional Products Association International’s magazine, custom printing can bring more customers to your business than you ever thought. The study was conducted on some 700 random people who went through LaGuardia Airport. Out of these, at least 77% of them recalled getting a promotional item in the past year. 25% kept the items they were given. 88% of these could remember the name of the advertiser of at least one promotional product they received. And lastly, 47% of them retained the products for a year or more.

Clearly, the stats above show that custom printing for purposes of promotion has a future. So, what are some of the 5 custom print products your organization needs?

Pens and Pencils
Custom pens and pencils can be used for many purposes. Once you print your organization’s logo, website URL and contact information on them, they can be used for customer acquisition, trade show giveaways, coupon incentives and many more. These tools last longer than standard business cards. They are writing instruments with both function and flair. And most importantly, they raise awareness out there in a unique way.

Custom T-shirts
Custom print t-shirts are a timeless way of raising awareness. Through such t-shirts, individuals can catch the attention of the world because of the message printed on them. They can be worn during conferences or even seminars to show togetherness. As members of your organization do that, they pass information to the outside world without a second thought. Don’t think that custom company t shirts are too expensive for your business. You can find Vista Print coupons for www.vistaprint.com easily.
They don’t serve as handkerchiefs anymore. These are perfect tools for promotion and advertising. When custom printed, bandanas can get your message out there just like t-shirts. If you like, you could print your product’s picture, organization logo or slogan in them. You can then distribute them as handouts. The benefit of using bandanas as a promotional tool is because they are cheap to produce so you can order them in bulk and distribute them in hundreds without feeling the pinch.

Stylish Custom Wall Calendars
Don’t just do a generic calendar with your organization logo on it. Instead, make it stylish and distribute to your employees. Organizations can’t go wrong with custom printed calendars. Choose a stylish design that incorporates texts together with pictures that speak about your organization or business in a beautiful way. Calendars don’t just tell the date, they communicate when they have a message printed on them.

Custom-Made Key Tags

Everyone needs at least one key tag. How about custom printing them with your company’s logo and slogan before distributing them to your employees? You don’t even have to restrict yourself to your employees only. Instead, print them in bulk and distribute them because they raise awareness and are low cost for promotional purposes. Check out www.printdetective.com for more discounts on custom promo items

The 5 custom print products above have worked well over the years. Don’t stick to one way of advertising. Diversify the way you reach and speak to your audience. Promotional items will raise awareness, build group membership and ultimately increase sales, so take them seriously.

Canvas Prints for Custom Home Décor

Canvas prints ordered from an online print shop are exciting options in unique home décor. Whether you are looking to put a favorite photograph on canvas or plan to design something completely unique, custom prints can add to the décor of any room in your home.
Some inspirational ideas will help you get started creating a décor unlike anyone else’s.

  • A collection of canvas prints of your favorite photos can make an impressive art collection grouped together on a blank wall in any room or a hallway.
  • A large canvas print collage allows you to create a breathtaking wall hanging encompassing many photos that is perfect for many different types of spaces.
  • A print with a child’s name and an image of a favorite sport or activity is a great addition to bedrooms.
  • A verse, poem or mission that your family lives by is the perfect choice for a canvas print near the entrance to your home.
  • A print of a favorite meal or favorite foods makes kitchen décor effortless.
  • Fun, tongue-in-cheek instructions are great for adding a decorative touch to bathrooms, laundry rooms and family areas.
  • Visual family trees are an impressive addition to any décor.
  • Fun expressions, memorable quotes and even prayers added to a print you like or just simply on a blank canvas using a nice font can make practically any wall more interesting.
  • A favorite portrait of your family, wedding or other special occasion can be put on a canvas print with text to give it a personalized touch.

Canvas prints are a great addition to practically every wall in your home. The walls make up your house but the décor on those walls truly make it a home. Adorning your walls with canvas prints you have carefully chosen and created ensure that you have a décor that perfectly reflects you and your family.